Viewing the Beautiful South West Region of Australia

The South West region of Western Australia is a very popular holiday destination for both Australians as well as tourists.  It’s 2 to 3 hours drive by car from Perth, depending on which part of the South West you want to visit. These photos are a personal view with short notes, no way is everything covered here.  If you want more, you can Google South West holidays or Bunbury or Margaret River or Augusta – there’s plenty of tourist websites.  We visit this area a lot and are lucky to be able to stay at Karridale farm, where our good friends Annette and Les live. There’s plenty of other accomodation though, ranging from 5 star holiday resort, to camping in tents!

Busselton Beach.  The ocean is extremely calm here, so it’s popular with families who have young children. Busselton has many holiday resorts. The Mile Long jetty is very popular.

Alison at one of the calm beaches at Busselton.
The mile long jetty in the far top of photo.
Denver on Busselton Jetty
Another view of the jetty.





























Dunsborough Beach.  About 30 minutes by car past Busselton, Dunsborough also has some beautiful beaches, some with pretty coves.

Denver at Dunsborough Beach 1Denver at Dunsborough Beach 2













Margaret River is the name of the small inland town around which are many famous wineries. At Xmas and New Year holiday time, the streets are jam-packed with holiday goers. The beaches near Margaret River are renowned for their spectacular surf.

Denver and Osamu
Denver and Osamu








Margaret River 1








Margaret River 3








chocolate factory 1
The Chocolate Factory








The Boranup Forests.  These are mainly Karri Trees. As you can tell, some of them are pretty tall! Along the road which you can see, are many large underground caves. They are very popular with tourists.


Boranup Forest 2
Denver, Ken and Yuki.
Boranup Forest 1
Caves Road.








Boranup Forest 3
Ken and Denver







Mammoth Cave 1
Mammoth Cave















Cape Leeuwin   This sensational place is where two oceans meet – The Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The sea here is dangerous and many ships have been wrecked! So they built a lighthouse! Augusta is the town nearest to Cape Leeuwin.

The Lighthouse



Augusta is a small but very pretty town with spectacular ocean and river views. Flinders Bay is a fantastic spot.

Augusta Beach 1
Annette and us at Flinders Bay Beach.









Augusta Beach 2
Hide and Chizuko at Flinders Bay Beach.







Nice holiday cottage near Augusta!






Augusta Beach 3
Flinders Bay Beach.











kangaroos 2
Kangaroos are never too far away!








Karridale Farm. My good and long-time friends Annette and Les live here, about 10 kilometers from Augusta. It’s not a commercial farm.  A large part of their property is made up of quite thick forest.   Around the house they also have trees and pretty bushes which attract lots of birds and other small animals. They have chickens; some fruit trees and also grow vegetables.  It’s a picturesque and very relaxing place. In the evenings Les will often light a fire outside to sit next to, chat and enjoy a glass of wine.









Karridale Farm









Karridale 1
Alison, Annette and Yuki.
Karridale 3
I’m not sure what Les and Denver are looking at.
Karridale 2
Coffee and toast for breakfast?























Zena Warrior Princess 1
Zena Warrior Princess!
Zena Warrior Princess 2
On the prowl for rabbits?













camp fire 3
Denver, Chizuko and Hide.



camp fire 1


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The Yomiuri Shimbun reported recently that an estimated 867,100 foreign tourists visited Japan in September 2013. This was an increase of 31.7 percent from a year earlier.As the 2020 Olympics approach, the number of overseas visitors to Japan is likely to boom. Whether you are a professional or a volunteer; working as a tour guide can be very interesting and rewarding.  A great deal of unique words phrases and expressions are used in the field of tourism. As a guide for domestic tourists; you already know most of these in your own language.  But knowing tourist language in English will be very useful for an international tour guide.
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